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My name is Matthew Kimball, a current Senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Sport Management. As a Massachusetts native, the success that every major sports franchise has had here made me really attached to the sports industry. My childhood was fulfilled with sports, hanging out with friends, and playing a lot of video games. My passion for gaming started when I was 8 years old playing COD 4: Modern Warfare on a shared Xbox 360 with my older brother. These passions certainly intertwined as soon as I found out about Call of Duty esports in 2014.

Fast forward to college, I couldn't imagine working outside of traditional sports. I didn't think that having a career in esports was possible either. I decided early on that I really wanted to have a career in sports analytics because of my passion for stats and data across the 4 major U.S. Sports. Once the COVID-19 Pandemic put the world on lockdown, gaming was all I did in my ample free time. Esports also grew to even more heights never seen before. 

My passion for esports, gaming, and entertainment, along with gaining a lot of industry knowledge through my education and peers has made me realize that a career in gaming/esports is achievable. The continuous innovation and ongoing changes that occur on a weekly basis makes the esports industry extremely fascinating. However, these changes also make it very hard to keep up with. That's why I created this media outlet. To share as much news I stumble upon, post it as a weekly snapshot, and communicate all my thoughts here.

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